Frequently Asked Questions



Save yourself the luggage fee with the airline. We'll take your suitcases for you. Just be sure to not pack any medications.


Yes! We will transport your pet. Pets must be pre-approved at time of booking and additional fee will be quoted.

Children & Others?

No. Due to legal issues we can not transport humans.

Who uses this services?

Anyone that needs us.

How far in advance do I need to book?

2 weeks is preferable. Expedited reservations may be accommodated on an as-needed basis.

What if I need car delivered quickly?

Please call us for a quote.

What does a drive-away service like this cost?

  1. Estimate the mileage to your destination (there's a link below if you want to use Google maps)
  2. Multiply miles by either:
    • $0.64 for Compact - Midsize cars OR
    • $0.69 for Full-size or larger

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